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R & D

Ross technology services is a leading position in the world class equipment manufacturers, is a company research and innovation technology, innovative equipment, and the use of new technology to make the equipment to play a greater efficiency. It needs to research and develop the firm belief, and engineers who really need to enrich the imagination, to promote production, improve product quality. R & D team efforts must be free of charge, can achieve effective results in the practical use of. This is to drive the organization of the Ross Technical Service Engineer team.


"We think Ross is really in the mix of equipment and information industry. "Cohen Dong said (Ross)." the goal of our technical services department is to manage industry information and Ross's expertise in many years. In the field of professional mixing equipment manufacturing, other companies do not have such a long history; other companies are not in such a wide range of industries to obtain such a number of practical experience in the first hand. Our goal is to manage all this knowledge and work hard for Ross and her users. "


Nantong Ross hybrid equipment design engineers to take full advantage of the United States Ross Technical Services Department of technical resources, and the United States Ross technical services to fully expand exchanges and cooperation, and constantly improve their design capabilities, the introduction of the latest design concept, to design a class of hybrid equipment.


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